Traffic Harbour - Struer Harbour

Use the Harbour and Save Time

The city of Struer has Limfjorden’s next largest harbour, and with its central location and fine facilities, it lives up to today’s requirements for service and flexibility.
The Struer Harbour is a modern commercial harbour, which on an annual basis has a capacity for service of up to 1000 cargo liners, with a collective cargo volume of approximately 1 million tons. Middle and Western Jutland companies increasingly choose “Environmental Transport on Blue Roads“, where environmental advantages, that are connected with Ocean Transport, is only one of the direct advantages the Harbour has to offer.

Well-located storage and rental areas are ready for immediate leasing. 24-hour service means that all modern loading and unloading facilities can service cargo around the clock. The prices of the Harbour are competitive. A ”One-good-turn-deserves-another” bonus makes ocean transport through the Holstebro-Struer Harbour, into a strong economic alternative for all the Northwest Jutland export and import companies, with larger quantities of cargo.
If you wish to know more...
Please call +45 - 97 85 02 28 and hear which transport solutions the Harbour can offer your company.