Arrival - ISPS - Traffic Harbour - Struer Harbour

The Port of Struer meets the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) requirements about security in relation to port facilities, known as ISPS (cf. SOLAS chapter XI-2, the A and B part of the
ISPS code and executive order no. 414 of May 8, 2012 about security in relation to port facilities).
The North harbour (Oliekajen and Nordkajen) is a ISPS area.


  Port facility nr.                    
Oliekajen and Nordkajen 0001                                                                  
For this reason, access to the Vesthavnen is controlled by means of fences, camera surveillance and a gate system. Only persons with a valid permission may enter the secured facilities within the fences
on the Vesthavnen and the other areas when they are ISPS areas. Persons with a valid permission can operate the gates themselves by means of a scanner or a keyboard.
Other guests, suppliers etc. to visiting ships and to companies in the port may obtain access by contacting the port office.
Port office phone: +45 97 85 02 28


Ships calling at the Port of Holstebro - Struer have to provide the following information:
The information is to be sent to our email address at every call in Holstebro - Struer Harbour.
Ships that do not have a broker shall, in due time, provide the same information to the Port of Holstebro-Struer under the same email address.


A Declaration of Security (DoS) is issued only under the following conditions:
Ships which have issued a declaration of security must contact the ports PSO Rune Asmussen under or tel. +45 97 85 02 28.