Infrastructure - Traffic Harbour - Struer Harbour 

Very simply said:

And does it concern transport by sea?
Then it pays to sail into the Holstebro-Struer Harbour. 


Let us show you how obvious it is for you to use the Struer Harbour. For example, in relation to an East Coast harbour where the cargo comes from the North Sea: 

The ocean route through Struer Harbour thus gives a considerably more expedient transport route for Middle and West Jutland companies. 

In addition, the facilities at and around the Harbour have the capacity to meet individual requirements from these dynamic areas.

1. The Harbour is centrally located in an active industrial area.
2. Good navigational conditions year round. No particular ice problems during the winter period.
3. Ideal storage facilities with large tank and silo capacities. Further, there are storage areas at and on the wharf facility itself.
4. The Harbour provides 24-hour service. Including all areas of navigation, unloading and loading.
5. Perfect cargo handling. The Harbour has, among other things, 2 shipbrokers, weighbridge, stevedoring, cargo survey and quality control.