Struer harbour welcomes both sailors and mobile homes

The quiet yacht harbour has a playground, restaurant, booths and lots of activities all summer with Struer Summer Events. Struer City is located next to the harbour with it's shops, museum and sculptures. The harbour has modern facilities in service building - toilets, baths and changing table. There is free internet on the harbour.

On this site we have collected all the information you need about the harbour.


When you arrive to Struer Harbor, you'll find the vending machine between the service building and the clubhouse. You will have to pay for your stay and get at tallycard, that gives you access to the service building.
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For using the toilet and bath please  - buy a TallyCard - along with payment for the stay. This gives you access to the toilets, but do you want a hot bath, you should add money to the card. The machine is penniless, so everything is done via debit card. The money is reserved and when you leave the port and have returned your TallyCard, the amount will be raised.

You can buy up to 5 nights at a time.

Remember to return the card in the machine before you leave port. Should you have money for good - incl. deposit - this will be put back on your debit card.

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